They turn to Barb because they needed the “business” information they didn’t receive in college or in their professional training.

Business Skills for Coaches is devoted to sharing those same concepts with self-employed coaches. You can be as comfortable with the business part of coaching as you are with coaching. Barb knows it from experience – and it’s a pledge she can keep.

Barb’s passion and mission is to show you how to be a successful coach so you can make a difference in the world.

Helpful Information for You

As a coach you are probably familiar with DISC and Strength Finders 2.0 or one of the other behavioral styles assessments. It could be helpful to you to know that in DISC, Barb is a very high “S” Supportive and a very high “C” Compliant. Over the years her high “D” Dominance and high “I” Inspiring clients have found that working with Barb brought much-needed balance to their business.

Her top 5 themes in Strength Finder 2.0 are Harmony, Intellection, Learner, Input and Analytical.

Barb leverages these strengths to add value and balance to your coaching business… and invites you to get started with your free 5-day How To Be a Successfully Self-Employed Coach series. Just fill out the form on the right side of this page. It’s Barb’s first gift to you.

You can call her at 816.519.1300 if you have any questions you would like answered right away. She’s in Central Standard Time.

For the story of why she developed Business Skills for Coaches click here.