Not Sure What to Charge for Your Coaching?

Not Sure What to Charge for Your Coaching? Read On… These Truisms Will Help You Decide What to Charge Start with the end in mind. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. One size does not fit all.  Many solo coaches think along the lines of: “Well, I won’t have many expenses. The extra bedroom is […]

Are You a Struggling Coach or Are You a Successful Self-Employed Coach?

Is it your intention to make a living from coaching?  If you answered yes to that question, you’ll find the information here extremely helpful. We’ll look at the business of being a coach – information you’ll need to be successfully self-employed. It is especially pertinent if you have no prior experience or training in being self-employed. […]

The Secret to Going From “Just a Coach” To A “Successful Self-Employed Coach”

Ask yourself this question: Do you intend to make a living from coaching? If you answered “yes” to that question then keep reading to learn the secret to doing just that. To become a coach, you had to complete a coach training program. You understood that there were skills you needed to learn and master […]

An Opportunity to Share and Learn Confidence Building Tips with Other Coaches

How important do you think confidence is for coaches? Could you share something you’ve learned that built your confidence?  And would you like to learn other coaches’ confidence building experiences? Your Contribution is what has and hasn’t worked for building your confidence as a solo coach. Share in the Comment section to help other coaches.  […]

What do You Think About Paying Yourself a Living Wage as a Solo Coach?

As a solo coach of any kind, you have a choice between structuring your coaching as a hobby… or setting it up as a business that will let you make your living doing what you love. Possibly with a recurring revenue stream. One of the common ways to try to set your coaching fees so […]

About Improving Your Marketing Results

Your success in marketing depends on preparations for the complete cycle of getting your next client.  It’s more than just how you market.  The glitch costing many coaches clients can be eliminated with two easy to learn business skills. Getting coaching clients is a process or a system.  When all parts of the process or […]

Did You Underestimate What It Takes to Make Your Living as a Coach?

In Time or Money of Both? The Solo Coach’s Organization Chart                       And you could add IT, HR, Purchasing and other departments you need to support your coaching. Do you want to feel as good about your monthly income now as you did when you […]

In-Depth Information On How To Make Your Living As A Coach

If someone asked you, on a scale of 1 to 10, where you’d put your coaching skills, hopefully you’d say 10 or at least an 8! When they ask coaches about their solo coaching “business” skills… their answers usually aren’t that high. For those who think about marketing as the only important solo coaching business […]

Choose the Marketing Method That Will Get Clients for YOU

Successful client acquisition turns out to be a big challenge for a lot of coaches. If that’s the case for you, read on. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there on marketing. Truth be told, it all works for people with the right background and the right behavioral and personality styles. Most coaches […]

Did You Confuse Your Coaching Income with Your Salary When Setting Your Fees?

There is a BIG difference between a coaching income and a salary.  There are many differences between your take-home pay as an employee and the coaching income you make as a self-employed coach. Just a few of these differences are: Your company paid for vacations, sick days, holidays, and personal days. Your company paid for your […]