What do You Think About Paying Yourself a Living Wage as a Solo Coach?

As a solo coach of any kind, you have a choice between structuring your coaching as a hobby… or setting it up as a business that will let you make your living doing what you love. Possibly with a recurring revenue stream. One of the common ways to try to set your coaching fees so […]

As a Coach, Have You Put Yourself First?

You may recognize Simon Sinek from his Ted.com presentations. Especially the one about the golden circle and the “Why?” And he is the author of the classic “Start With Why”. Here’s a favorite quote from him: Have you put yourself first? It’s so sad when we hear some coaches say that they may need to […]

Short-term vs. Long-Term Thinking for Coaching Success

Are you looking at your life as a coach in the short-term or the long-term? What’s the difference you may ask yourself? Consider the following: Do you find yourself in a position where you need clients immediately to pay bills, rent or mortgage, or for something you want to do for your child, etc.? If […]

How to Improve Your Money Mindset… Fast

Coaches are very aware of their money mindsets. You don’t have to look very far to find all kinds of information on it. Yet coaches still struggle with making a living as a solo coach, so read on. Someone once had the insight to point out that for hammers, every problem looked like a nail. […]

Marketing Not Working: Find Out What You’re Missing

Does your Marketing ever overwhelm you?  So many people struggle with how to market.  The Internet is crowded with how to make a 6-figure income.  Have you ever wondered why these expensive programs didn’t work for you? Many times it’s because you have inadvertently skipped one necessary step. Do you struggle to get clients because […]