Did You Underestimate What It Takes to Make Your Living as a Coach?

In Time or Money of Both? The Solo Coach’s Organization Chart                       And you could add IT, HR, Purchasing and other departments you need to support your coaching. Do you want to feel as good about your monthly income now as you did when you […]

What It Really Takes To Be a Successful Solo Coach

Has this been your experience? Coach training taught you how to coach. Your coach training was just like getting a degree or certified in anything else. You learned how to do the work. In other words, it taught you how to be an employee. It didn’t teach you how to be successfully self-employed (how to be a successful solo coach).  […]

What It Takes To Be a Successful Self-Employed Coach

Seeing yourself as a self-employed coach means wearing the following 6 business hats… at a minimum: You are the president. You are probably the administrative assistant. You are the marketing director and salesperson. You are the chief financial officer. You are responsible for program development. You are responsible for providing exceptional coaching to your clients. […]

Use “Return on Investment” to get New Coaching Clients

Most of you have seen the reports showing the big difference in hourly earnings between executive, business and life coaches. As a memory refresher, not much has changed since the Sherpa 2012 Earnings Report. The Basics in Terms of Average Hourly Earnings Executive coaches:    $325 (defined as coaches who work on behavioral issues) Business coaches: […]