About Improving Your Marketing Results

Your success in marketing depends on preparations for the complete cycle of getting your next client.  It’s more than just how you market.  The glitch costing many coaches clients can be eliminated with two easy to learn business skills. Getting coaching clients is a process or a system.  When all parts of the process or […]

Solo Coaches – Are You Relying on “The Power of Attraction” to Set Your Fees?

I know, that sounds ridiculous but it really isn’t too far off the mark for many new solo coaches who work with me. In my experience working with new coaches I have found that all are passionate about their chosen field, nearly all have the technical and practical experience to back up their passion, but […]

Why ‘Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow’ Is a Big Fat Lie

“Do what you love, and the money will follow.” Do you believe that’s true? Or are you more realistic and believe, instead, “Do what you love, and the rewards will follow.” (After all, money is but one of the rewards…) The latter version is a more realistic view. Yet even some coaches who have that […]

Three Ways Not To Set Your Coaching Fees

You’ve completed your coaching training and embarked on the exciting adventure of providing coaching services as your career. Here are three important things not to do when you’re doing the “Setting Your Coaching Fees” part of Setting & Getting Your Coaching Fees: Do not set your fees before you know your niche.  Consider your market niche […]