What do You Think About Paying Yourself a Living Wage as a Solo Coach?

As a solo coach of any kind, you have a choice between structuring your coaching as a hobby… or setting it up as a business that will let you make your living doing what you love. Possibly with a recurring revenue stream. One of the common ways to try to set your coaching fees so […]

Did You Confuse Your Coaching Income with Your Salary When Setting Your Fees?

There is a BIG difference between a coaching income and a salary.  There are many differences between your take-home pay as an employee and the coaching income you make as a self-employed coach. Just a few of these differences are: Your company paid for vacations, sick days, holidays, and personal days. Your company paid for your […]

Short-term vs. Long-Term Thinking for Coaching Success

Are you looking at your life as a coach in the short-term or the long-term? What’s the difference you may ask yourself? Consider the following: Do you find yourself in a position where you need clients immediately to pay bills, rent or mortgage, or for something you want to do for your child, etc.? If […]

Have More Success In 2015 By Expanding Your Coaching Business Skills

In 2014 you learned a lot about being a self-employed coach.  Are you 100% comfortable you have all the basic business skills you need to reach your goals? Is It Your Intention To Make Your Living From Coaching? If your answer is yes, you’ll find the information here extremely helpful. We’ll look at the business side […]

As a Coach, What Do You Do First? Marketing? Your Niche? Your Salary?

Remember the vision you had for your life as a coach when you signed up and paid for your coaching training?  Wherever you are on your solo coaching learning curve, by now you know it’s a continual learning process. Consider that you can reach your dreams of helping others sooner when you take the time […]