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“You wouldn’t take a job without knowing what your salary would be, what was expected of you, and which skills you would need to be successful. Now you can know all that about your solo coaching career too” – Barb Zeigler

The How To Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Programs

Have you passed the hobby stage in your coaching career?  You can decide what your salary will be, what’s expected of you and learn the skills you need through one of the Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Programs.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to set your fees.
  2. How to decide on your niche market using proven methods.
  3. How to design your programs so they provide value you can explain.
  4. How to show clients the value of your coaching… so price isn’t an issue.
  5. How to get your fees.
  6. How to understand your business model and why it’s important.
  7. How much easier marketing is when you look at the whole picture.
  8. How intuitive, interesting, and rewarding it is to be a solo coach with out the worry.

You can choose from 2 coaching programs.  You’ll get the same one-on-one, personalized coaching in both.

 The Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Program

This is a one-on-one coaching program with no long-term contracts.  You will work at your speed and continue for as long as you are getting value. Your coaching information isn’t boiler-plated like many pre-packaged coaching programs. You will get personalized coaching specifically for you, based on where you are on your learning curve.

Program Bonus:  Your bonus is a complimentary follow up call.  You can use your bonus call any time you choose that works with my schedule after you finish your coaching.

For more information about the Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Program call me at 816.519.1300 or Email me at

The Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Intensive Program

Do you realize the value of your time? Do you want to upgrade your coaching skills as soon as possible so you can start paying yourself a salary?  If so, the Intensive Program is for you.

The format is very similar to a VIP or Concierge program.  We’ll work together for one or two days, one 6-hour plus breaks or 2 three-hour sessions in two days. You’ll get completely personalized online information delivered 1-on-1. You’ll have the information you need to cut months off the time it would have taken you to get your coaching career up and running.

Program Bonus: 2 complementary follow up calls.  You can use your bonus calls anytime that works with our schedules after you complete your coaching.

For more information about the Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Intensive, call me at 816.519.1300 or Email me at

Both programs will present you with a comprehensive plan that has been trusted and implemented by many.

 You get personalized, one-on-one coaching.  Not one-size-fits-all information designed for thousands of coaches.

Here’s the difference

  1. Your coaching starts where you are on your learning curve.
  2. You decide how long we need to work together.  No long term contracts to commit to or pay up front.
  3. You decide on a monthly basis what your next step needs to be.

You’ll revisit some of the blocks you thought were holding you back.  You may be amazed when you find out the real cause was just a lack of information.  As a coach, you know the value of coaching.  Taking the Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Program that’s right for you will show you how to step into the power of the bigger version of yourself you already know is there.  You’re just missing the right information!

Do something to move your coaching forward today! You’ll discover that the How to Set & Get your Fees Coaching Program is just what you have been looking for.  

Your Complimentary Discovery Call

Click here to schedule a Complimentary 30-minute “Set and Get” Discovery Call:

To get the complimentary call scheduled, I will email you an agenda for our call.  It will contain 6 questions you can respond to and email back to me. This will help you get a lot more out of your call. The 1st 2 questions are important because they help both of us see the baseline or your starting point.

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