What do You Think About Paying Yourself a Living Wage as a Solo Coach?

As a solo coach of any kind, you have a choice between structuring your coaching as a hobby… or setting it up as a business that will let you make your living doing what you love. Possibly with a recurring revenue stream. One of the common ways to try to set your coaching fees so […]

About Improving Your Marketing Results

Your success in marketing depends on preparations for the complete cycle of getting your next client.  It’s more than just how you market.  The glitch costing many coaches clients can be eliminated with two easy to learn business skills. Getting coaching clients is a process or a system.  When all parts of the process or […]

How To Take Control of Your Coaching Career

Being an expert coach doesn’t mean you know how to be self-employed. Learning custom business skills for coaches is one of the best ways to launch or improve your solo coaching career. Follow these guidelines to help assess and take control of your goals: Think Of Being A Self-Employed Coach Two Ways The first thing […]

What It Takes To Be a Successful Self-Employed Coach

Seeing yourself as a self-employed coach means wearing the following 6 business hats… at a minimum: You are the president. You are probably the administrative assistant. You are the marketing director and salesperson. You are the chief financial officer. You are responsible for program development. You are responsible for providing exceptional coaching to your clients. […]

2015… How To Make It Better Than 2014

The days of having a career where we do one thing are long gone. It isn’t only coaches who are learning new skills. More and more of us are taking control of our careers and learning the necessary skills to succeed. What This Trend is Telling You Learning new skills is foundational for you as […]