Short-term vs. Long-Term Thinking for Coaching Success

Are you looking at your life as a coach in the short-term or the long-term? What’s the difference you may ask yourself? Consider the following: Do you find yourself in a position where you need clients immediately to pay bills, rent or mortgage, or for something you want to do for your child, etc.? If […]

Amaze Yourself

There are several things you’ll want to know about being a solo coach.  You’ll be amazed at how intuitive they are once someone points them out for you. 4 Terms You’ll Want To Clarify For Yourself 1. Income: Money your clients pay you 2. Expenses: Your cost of being in business for yourself.  An easy […]

2015… How To Make It Better Than 2014

The days of having a career where we do one thing are long gone. It isn’t only coaches who are learning new skills. More and more of us are taking control of our careers and learning the necessary skills to succeed. What This Trend is Telling You Learning new skills is foundational for you as […]