About Improving Your Marketing Results

Your success in marketing depends on preparations for the complete cycle of getting your next client.  It’s more than just how you market.  The glitch costing many coaches clients can be eliminated with two easy to learn business skills. Getting coaching clients is a process or a system.  When all parts of the process or […]

Short-term vs. Long-Term Thinking for Coaching Success

Are you looking at your life as a coach in the short-term or the long-term? What’s the difference you may ask yourself? Consider the following: Do you find yourself in a position where you need clients immediately to pay bills, rent or mortgage, or for something you want to do for your child, etc.? If […]

What Coaches Tolerate

Tolerating your uncertainties about what your fees should be is one of the major tolerances coaches deal with.  Do you ever feel stressed and insecure about not being able to charge enough to make a living doing what you love?  Are you among the many coaches who sometimes doubt yourself and your choice to be […]

The Good News – There is an Easier Way to Success for New Coaches

I’m sorry if you’ve struggled through any of the steps many new coaches go through.  These steps are outlined after you read the list of things that do work. There is an easier way to the success you dreamed of. Let’s Start With An Easy Concept To Understand   When you work with a new client […]

How To Take Control of Your Coaching Career

Being an expert coach doesn’t mean you know how to be self-employed. Learning custom business skills for coaches is one of the best ways to launch or improve your solo coaching career. Follow these guidelines to help assess and take control of your goals: Think Of Being A Self-Employed Coach Two Ways The first thing […]