Raving Fans

Jack Ori“I’m so glad I connected with Barb Zeigler on LinkedIn! I had been struggling to find coaching clients and was not satisfied with the “be patient and believe in your dream” approach I was getting from other coaches. Barb gave me clear, rational advice that I could put into practice immediately. After working with her for four months, I am clear on who I am helping and what I do as a coach as well as on how much to charge and where to find clients. The money I spent on coaching with Barb is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. If you are frustrated about your inability to get clients and questioning whether all the training you’ve done is a waste of time, don’t give up—contact Barb about how to get your business on track.”

Jack Ori, life coach for intellectually gifted underachievers

DR.ETHELLELORD“Barb was truly invaluable help and support in my start up business at www.Remembering4You.com as she offered outstanding advice. Most of all I found Barb to be totally giving and generous with all information she had to offer in order to get my business up and running. Her training and experience is invaluable for any small business or entrepreneur. Her devotion and commitment is second to none. It is not everyday that someone like Barb comes along and is truly committed to the success of her clients.”

Dr. Ethelle Lord, Founder and President at Remembering 4 You

“Working with Barb really opened my eyes to the money side of things in my business. As heart-centered entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on the fulfilling work that we do. The work that changes and impacts lives. And unfortunately, we don’t focus enough on reviewing and understanding the financials. We think ‘The money will come. It will all work out eventually.’ But for many, that never happens and they find themselves not in business, but with an expensive hobby instead. Thanks Barb for empowering me to take control of my finances and lay the foundation for a long-term, sustainable and profitable business.”

Lavada Thompson, Your Lucrative LaunchLavada Thompson on LinkedIn

“Barb, prior to discussing our business with you, it seemed as if there were cobwebs in my head. I did not have a clear understanding of the business, or what we were trying to accomplish and how we were going to get there. WOW! After spending 15 minutes with you the cobwebs went away. I could see clearly the path to success for our business. Thank you again for your support and your unique ability to wipe away the confusion and replace it with a clear vision of the business side. You are the best!”

Barbara Lindsey, Sold Out Connections

“Barb Ziegler is the consummate professional business coach and consultant! I’ve known her for several years and have learned so much from her. I recently had the opportunity to attend a refresher presentation on her ‘What Should I Charge Calculator Program.’ It’s a program she developed that will stand the test of time for the solo professional or even for those who need to show “cost center” value within their organization. It is a flexible and easy to learn system that allows you to enter your income and expenses and understand direct vs. indirect costs. By the end you understand what to charge for your services so you not only break-even, but make a profit. If you are thinking about starting a small business or even if you’ve been in business for a while, I strongly encourage you to invest in this session with Barb Ziegler, of What Should I Charge.”

Deborah Kohler, PGP Business CoachingDeborah Kohler on LinkedIn

“I am a very analytical person and have given a great deal of thought to the idea of what to charge. I felt I had a pretty good handle on the process and came up with, what I thought, was the “right” figure. I have even counseled others on the process I used. I found the exercise Barb took me through was very thorough and demonstrated to me that, at the end of the year, I will have lost $77 per hour! What an eye opener! Your insights were invaluable. Thank you!”

Vic Bullara, The Chief Executive Coaching Network

“I attended the Pricing to Make a Profit session presented by Barb Zeigler. And while the majority of attendees were in their own business, and I am an employee of a training and development firm, I found the information very helpful. Especially helpful was the tool that allows you to run several financial scenarios. Our company has some standard pricing for standard products and services. My specialty (individual coaching) does not fit those programs. Hence, Barb’s tool allowed us to plot margins, hourly fees, office expenses, etc. and arrive at targeted fee for my services that matched the other pricing structures of our company. Very helpful!”

Ed Mlodzik, Director of Leadership DevelopmentEd Mlodzik on LinkedIn

“Your What Should You Charge calculator program gave me a whole new outlook on determining my financial projections for my business plan. There were things I had never even thought of in calculating my fees and what my time is worth. The information has given me the confidence to set my fees where they need to be and not feel as if I am overcharging.”

Susan Rocha, Virtual Assistant

“The ‘What Should You Charge’ calculator is brilliant! I’ve never seen any other business tool like it. By helping small business owners incorporate financial planning into their overall business plan, this tool can instill confidence that a business is heading toward success. On the other side, it can stop a fledgling small business owner from making a huge mistake if the numbers just don’t add up. I tip my hat to Barbara for her practical creation. It should be part of every small business owner’s tool kit.”

Meg Montford, Abilities Enhanced

“Going through the What Should You Charge program has been incredibly helpful to me. After seeing what I really needed to take care of my business, I raised my rates 50% – and none of my clients complained! With the extra money I can afford additional training and resources that let me serve my clients better, I can save more, and I have way less stress about being able to pay my bills.”

Pam Neely, Marketing Consultant

“Barb Zeigler’s Set & Get Your Coaching Fees Program, was a real eye opener for me. I’d gotten the idea, like so many others, that because my business was going to be based out of my home I’d have very few expenses. I was wrong about that. What a dangerous way to start a business, especially in today’s economy. My experience reminded me of the TV shows where inexperienced people buy dilapidated houses and severely underestimate the time and money involved with disastrous results. I can now decide about my business with hard data written down in black and white. This is truly a wonderful resource.”

Jackie Macgirvin, MAJackie Macgirvin on LinkedIn

“This What Should I Charge calculator program is such a huge contribution! For the first time, I’ve been able to get a clear picture of how the decisions I make about money, time, and number of clients in my business will influence my earnings. With this interactive tool, I can adjust the variables, decide on a professional scenario that fits me, and make conscious decisions to bring that dream into physical reality. I think using this program has the potential to cut out a lot of trial and error so that I can be a more focused professional as I build my business. This interactive tool is amazing, simple, and clear. Thanks again.”

Connie, Phoenix Rising Ministries

“When I was moving my business from the ‘getting started’ to the ‘making it happen’ stage, I struggled with pricing my seminars, workshops and consulting services. I was helped greatly in resolving this issue by working with an experienced business consultant & coach, Barb Zeigler, who works with owners of small to medium businesses on building a profitable business. Her Set & Get Your Coaching Fees program has a ‘What Should You Charge? Calculator program’ that was very easy and very intuitive to use. Use of this tool insures that you will understand the level of revenue necessary to meet expenses and turn a profit.”

Judy Bond, Bond Team, Inc.Judy Bond on LinkedIn

“The What Should You Charge Calculator Program clarified the relationship between my expenses, number of hours I worked, my hourly fees, my profits and my business success. It took the guesswork out of what I need to charge to reach my goals and gave me the confidence to set my fees above what I had previously been charging. I continue to use it as I add employees and overhead because it helps me calculate the benefits of scale. This is a great business tool to “play” with!”

PaulDAVIES designPaul Davies on LinkedIn